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Voting to end: 2/8/2012 06:29:06

Level 46
Hi, I'm wondering what a good standard for voting to end is. I've had people ask me to vote to end after I boot their nonresponsive teammate, when I (or my team) have/has a decent advantage.

Whats the verdict?
Voting to end: 2/8/2012 10:58:12

Level 50
If everyone but you has voted, then you should do so as well. And always give the other players a good reason why if you're not voting. If a game turns to 3v2 after 5-10 turns of playing, I almost never vote because in that case both teams can still win. In 2v1, 3v1 or 4v2 I always vote, on that case there's no fun in it anymore, no matter on which side I am.
But that's just my opinion, others may have different etiquette's.
Voting to end: 2/8/2012 11:13:50

Level 27
It all depends on the situation at hand. Sometimes you'll lose a player or two on the first turn. Then I always try to VTE no matter what side I'm on, but, when it's clear your team is going to win on turn 10 and one of your enemies decided to just "quit", I will finish the game. If my team was losing however, then I will once again try to VTE. Just use your common sense, try and be fair with your judgement and voting.
Voting to end: 2/8/2012 12:18:34

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
If something happens beyond the control of the remaining players to ruin the game before turn three, almost everyone agrees to VTE. Generally this means someone getting booted, especially in games without premade teams.

After turn three, it really comes down to board position and personal preferences. Very few people will deny a VTE if neither team is winning, but a lot of people won't VTE if one team is already winning.
Voting to end: 2/8/2012 14:30:32

Level 58
if you suspect that youre winning, you should ask them what reinforcements they were getting per turn as a team the turn before the player was booted. it could be that the booted person had simply given up and didnt bother to surrender. otherwise, its fair to vote to end.
Voting to end: 2/8/2012 21:30:10

Level 44
I usually VTE if the game ended due to a boot while the outcome is still unclear

Often I *used to* hear people ask 'armies/turn?' when someone is booted and outcome is unclear to them.. the result determining if they should surrender or VTE.. sadly, this relies on some sort of honor for the other team, which may be harder to find now, as compared to when I used to play regularly
Voting to end: 2/10/2012 03:54:34

Level 46
Alright thanks for the replies. This is more or less how I thought it was, and in the games I set up I usually have booted players turning to AIs, to keep it a little fair and to stop people from booting ftw.

I recently played a game against some idiot who called me out for not voting to end, then refused my offer of a rematch. Thats all i guess.
Voting to end: 2/22/2012 06:51:34

Tagg's ffa account
Level 2
I generally vote when a player gets booted before turn 5

Or when a player decides that he/she "doesnt have time for the game, and must leave" before turn 5.

Or when everyone is getting tired, and the game seems a stalemate, and everyone agrees to vote.

Or when it's a team game, and either my teammate or opponent "dislikes" someone in their team. If this causes such an issue that they refuse to play, then I will vote.
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