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Map Zooming Issues: 2/3/2018 17:56:28

Nutik Wulf
Level 20
I'm currently working on a fairly large map right now, but, when I upload the SVG the entire thing (3205x1300) is in a tiny corner. The preview icon of the map, the map itself is only about 10% of it. I used all the space allocated to the SVG for territories, as well. It zooms out far too much in-game as well. Any ideas on a fix?
Map Zooming Issues: 2/3/2018 20:11:23

Level 63

Warzone Creator
Map Zooming Issues: 2/3/2018 22:25:10

Level 48
make sure the scale is 1. press ctrl shift d and change scale x and scale y to 1.
hope this helps
and make sure all your units are in pixels (px)

Edited 2/3/2018 22:26:21
Posts 1 - 3 of 3