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Light fog discussion: 2/7/2012 20:47:04

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
I was curious to hear some thoughts on how light fog changes the game (Seasonal Ladders), and if that change is better or worse.

Personally, I feel that figuring out where your opponent is or might be is a big part of the skill in the game. Also, being unsure how to deal with an opponent at first contact creates some interesting dynamics. Furthermore, being unable to track your opponent opens up odd distribution choices, like unusual counterpicks or long-shot big payoff expansion strategies.

Positively for the light fog setting, it takes a lot of guess work out of the game, and allows the players to match each other tactically. The game becomes more like Chess in that regard. It also encourages less longshot strategies, and pushes players towards protecting themselves and countering the whole board.

Overall I think I dislike light fog in ladder matches, but I know that I am not the highest ranked, so maybe other people have some different thoughts about it.
Light fog discussion: 2/7/2012 23:13:39

Level 44
generally I dislike light fog, but it can be entertaining in some games..
I find that it changes your picks drastically.. it's more important to become more powerful quicker, because there will be no searching time, just expansion and attacking.. there is no point in going through a wasteland bonus to see if someone is there if you can see they aren't, unless you plan to take the bonus past it, which is often non-efficient.
Light fog discussion: 2/13/2012 06:04:47

Level 12
I don't think of light fog as better or worse than normal fog, rather simply as a different style of game.

I enjoy it as part of 4 player FFA's, for example, as it enhances the ability to deceive opponents in terms of what is important or what you are going to do next. It also provides more strategy than bonus grabbing, as becoming strong too quickly often can lead to certain loss.

Personally, I prefer this game of image management over the game of verbal diplomacy, as I always play with strangers and dislike gaining/losing advantages over broken treaties.

That said, I'm not really a fan of 1v1 with light fog.
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