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New Website Layout: 2/13/2014 04:41:44

Ghost Nappa
Level 55
What's with the new ad bar at the top? I'm not getting a scroll bar when I open a game and half the page gets blocked out, I can't make my turns
New Website Layout: 2/14/2014 01:10:50

Level 58

Warzone Creator
WarLight does not display any ads at the top of the screen. You probably got infected by malware that's injecting ads into websites you visit. You should clean your PC or take it to a professional to clean it.
New Website Layout: 2/23/2014 18:43:30

Level 61
i am getting a canada post add on every click and i had a profession from northon clean myy comp and work on it for an hour and was told it was warlights site. I dont get it anywhere else. So i am forced to play on google crome with an add blocker and now my points for a win are rediculouse. I like to play and dont mind the small ads at the bottom but the large popup is stupid. Sometime you get more than 1 but you get 1 every click. If they can't fix this i guess i will be done with warlights.
New Website Layout: 2/27/2014 02:01:33

Level 29
If you could take a screenshot and upload it here:
that would help in assessing your situation.
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