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Ideas for a warlight movie.: 1/19/2018 07:40:18

Venus Angelic
Level 57
So some of you know I made a warlight movie and split it in 10 parts, which is on Youtube on my channel. Some of you have followed it a bit. I want to make a second season, but I want it to be better. Less improvisation, more ideas, more clever jokes, more planning, more epic scenes, less sloppy or really stupid scenes, more actions, drama, plot twists, etc.

So if anyone has ideas on what you'd like to see, which characters (real people from warlight) you want to see in it, if YOU want to be in it, what the plot should be like, the environment etc, throw a private mail at me.

I'm not sure when I will make it. The program I use for animating is quite expensive, but when I do make the season, it'll be really good for sure. It'll be better than the first series. It's just a bit difficult when I'm currently enrolled in the current semester and work is going to get a bit hectic from here-on-out.


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Ideas for a warlight movie.: 1/19/2018 10:19:39

Level 55
I'll have a think
Ideas for a warlight movie.: 1/19/2018 20:01:39

Clint Eastwood
Level 59
Ideas for a warlight movie.: 1/19/2018 20:07:10

John Titor
Level 56
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