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looking for 3v3 ladder partners: 1/18/2018 11:15:22

Level 60
im looking for ppl who had played europe 3v3, with knowledge on mirror pick phase,
who can communicate on teamgame chat and joining warzone at least once per day.
focus on the games of our ladder!
i wont gonna get booted on 3v3 ladder games and i hope to find 2 ppl who also can stay active for the next few months that were playing our ladder 3v3 games.

i mean its only 10 team games,
#had played 3v3europe
#knowledge on MIRROR 24 PICK
#no boot
#joining once per day to checking the games

i really wanna try to do a decent run on 3v3 ladder:)
looking for 3v3 ladder partners: 1/26/2018 17:55:15

John Titor
Level 56
hmmm, do you want 2 ppl or 2 accounts?
Posts 1 - 2 of 2