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Standard Diplomacy Rules: 1/17/2018 04:48:30

Erate Deight
Level 59
Thess Are My Standard Diplomacy Rules, Which I Will Probably Use, Or At Least Use A Variation Of, In All Of My Diplomacy Games, And You're Free To Use Them In Your Games Aswell.
Rule One: You Must Declare War On Someone Before Attacking.
Rule Two: You May Sign Alliance In Public Chat (Formal Alliances) Or Alliances In Private Chat (Informal Alliances), If You Have A Formal Alliance With Someone, You Must Break Your Alliance With Them At Least One Turn Before Declaring War On Them, If You Have An Informal Alliance With Someone, However, You May Declare On Them At Any Time.
Rule Three: You May Sign NAPs (Non Aggression Pacts) With Other Players, And You Are Not Allowed To Attack Them While The NAP Is In Effect, If The Two Players Agree To Break The NAP, It Will Be Broken, If An NAP Is Signed Without A Specified Amount Of Turns It Lasts For, It Is Indefinite And Will Only Be Broken If Both Players Who Signed It Agree To Break It.
Rule Four: If You Win A War Against Someone, You May Choose To Make Them A Vassal, In Which Case If You Tell Them To Do Something, Such As Give You Land, They Must Do It, If You Declare War On Someone, Your Vassals Do Aswell, And If You Get Declared Upon, Your Vassals Do As Well, If A Vassal Disobeys Their Liege, They Will Automatically Declare Independance, Thus Declaring War On Their (Former) Liege, A Vassal May Also Choose To Declare Independence At Any Time.
Rule Five: If You Break Any Rules, You Will Become PE (Public Enemy), If You Are PE, Everyone Automatically Declares War On You, If You Help A PE Or Attack Someone Who Borders A PE, You Will Become PE Yourself.
Rule Six: The Victim Of A PE May Pardon A PE (Make Them No Longer A PE), Usually In This Case The They Will Ask For Something From The PE To Pardon Them, Such As Land Or Soldiers.

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Standard Diplomacy Rules: 1/19/2018 13:23:52

Emperor Justinian
Level 53
Do not forget to add special rules for special games.
Standard Diplomacy Rules: 1/22/2018 22:12:13

Level 52
I know you have a habit of capitalizing the first letter of each word, but it would be much easier to read this if you didn't.
I do agree with most of these rules though.
Standard Diplomacy Rules: 1/22/2018 22:37:34

Level 49
good lord, you seriously must break this habit.
Standard Diplomacy Rules: 1/23/2018 02:05:59

E Masterpierround
Level 57
These are my standard diplomacy rules, which I will probably use, or at least use a variation of, in all of my diplomacy games, and you're free to use them in your games as well.

-Rule One: You must declare war on someone before attacking.

-Rule Two: You may sign alliances in public chat (Formal Alliances) or alliances in private chat (Informal Alliances). If you have a Formal Alliance with someone, you must break your alliance with them at least one turn before declaring war on them. If you have an Informal Alliance with someone, however, you may declare on them at any time.

-Rule Three: You may sign NAPs (Non Aggression Pacts) with other players. You are not allowed to attack them while the NAP is in effect. If the two players agree to break the NAP, it will be broken. If an NAP is signed without a specified turn length, it is indefinite and will only be broken if both players who signed it agree to break it.

-Rule Four: If you win a war against someone, you may choose to make them a Vassal, in which case if you tell them to do something, such as give you land, they must do it. If you declare war on someone, your Vassals do as well, and if you get declared upon, your Vassals do as well. If a Vassal disobeys their Liege, they will automatically declare independence, thus declaring war on their (former) Liege. A Vassal may also choose to declare independence at any time.

-Rule Five: If you break any rules, you will become PE (Public Enemy). If you are PE, everyone automatically declares war on you. If you help a PE or attack someone who borders a PE, you will become PE yourself.

-Rule Six: The victim of a PE may pardon a PE (make them no longer a PE). Usually in this case they will ask for something from the PE to pardon them, such as land or soldiers.

Please use this one if you're just going to copy and paste it. Don't hurt people's eyes like that.
Standard Diplomacy Rules: 2/7/2018 04:12:56

Ontar Lenius 
Level 54
Love this^^
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