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Please don't join quick games if you're not going to play a quick game!: 3/26/2010 08:43:16

Level 2
If the game is a 5/15 or 15/60, you are expected to keep to those time frames. I feel bad booting players, but why else would someone create a time limit on turns?

If you join a quick timed game, please comply by the time limits set by the creator. Thank you.
Please don't join quick games if you're not going to play a quick game!: 5/29/2010 08:17:34

Level 3
Sorry for the resurection and I agree that the primary factor a player should be aware of is the boot time but I suspect, at least, some people have a fair reason for bailing on a game.

I think I've been pretty devoted to making sure the people I'm playing with aren't waiting on me, but there have been times when I've been waiting 5 minutes in a 10 minute boot time game or 10 minutes in a 5 minute game (with forgiving players) where I decided to go smoke or eat and have only by chance been in earshot of the notification chime when it went off, where I would have otherwise forgotten and probably chased my children around the house.

This I have neglected to do myself, but: if you have to leave, even in a fast game, notify the other players. I've only been playing Warlight for a couple weeks but if you need to put a baby to bed or go rob a bank or something, in my limited experience, other players will tend to be kind about booting.

Conversely, I've also noticed that if you are unresponsive it will be assumed that you are link dead or have something better to do.

Remember, have fun. Help others have fun, too.
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