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Bolivia Map: 1/8/2018 02:48:44

Level 54

Does anyone fancy helping test a new map of Bolivia?


All comments welcome!

I know there are some naming issues to fix, specifically having spaces in the names of the bonuses.

But also I want to test the distribution of bonus armies.

I'm aiming to making this suitable for a small 4 player free for all like the map-of-the-week scenarios.


PS for those with a sense of deja vu, I started this about 18 months ago and only just got around to making changes based on the feedback I got at the time. Thanks everyone for that!
Bolivia Map: 1/8/2018 10:55:52

Level 53
There are several connection issues.
Nor Yungas is not connected with Sud Yungas, but is connected to Inquisivi instead. (All 3 lands in Departamento De La Paz Sur.) Also Sud Yungas is not connected to Ayopaya. Los Andes is connected to Ingavi with wich is shares only a common corner but is not connected to La Paz with which it also shares a corner. (As far as I understand, usually the lands that share only a corner do not count as connected.) In the south, Sama is not connected to Modesto Omiste, but shares a tiny border with it.
Otherwise this map seems to be quite ready for first testing!

Edited 1/8/2018 10:57:25
Bolivia Map: 1/9/2018 01:27:46

Level 54
Great - thanks for the feedback - I will get onto those errors!
Bolivia Map: 1/9/2018 01:39:09

Level 57
Connection Errors

Pedro Domingo Murillo -> Larecaja
Pedro Domingo Murillo -> Sud Yungas
Pedro Domingo Murillo -> El Alto (The corners are pretty close, so I'm unsure if they actually connect)
Litoral -> Ladislao Cabrera
Mendez -> Burnet O'Connor
Carrasco -> Marban
T. Frias -> Linares
Bolivia Map: 1/13/2018 01:35:40

Level 54
Thanks for your help too. I made a few changes again.

I was wondering whether perhaps sharp corners make for a confusing map. Is it perhaps more conventional to round-off the edges so it is more clear which territory can attack another?

Thanks for all your help!
Bolivia Map: 1/13/2018 12:52:22

Level 55
There's a rule that I follow when making maps; I call it the Rule of Fourths, where you shouldn't have 4 or more territories connecting to each other at a single point. Take the Four Corners at the US for example. If you do that, the map will look less appealing and it will be confusing.

Edited 1/13/2018 12:52:42
Bolivia Map: 1/13/2018 20:03:12

Level 54
Interesting idea. I think i might try and apply that here thanks
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