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partner: 2/11/2014 22:14:37

Angry Beavers
Level 57
Hello! someone advised me , if you wanna learn this game well, to find a partner/ few partners you can play with (1v1 2v2 etc ) of your own skill level. This way you can improve a lot ( he said haha). That's why i am looking for a few decent players who are willing to learn and trying to get better, where i can play many games withThis way we can try new tactics etc. I think your winrate should be atleast 55% + and you have to talk a lot in chat ( to analyze the games or in team games advising each other )

do you think YOU ARE THAT PERSON

please send me a message :D
partner: 2/11/2014 22:19:33

Level 54
I am not that person :p
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