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Speed games: 2/3/2012 05:55:58

Level 4
I just played about 5 games with the strategic 1v1 template with 1 minute turns. The first 4 were fairly easy games, but the 5th was a decent opponent and it was the most fun i've had on warlight yet.


By the time you watch the last turn and deploy your armies, you'll only have ~30 seconds to do orders -- And if you make a mistake, your fucked.

Really intense games. When you have 15 minutes of free time to spare, try creating a game like or joining one of mine ^^
Speed games: 2/3/2012 08:35:39

Level 44
in RT games, I rarely ever watch the turns.. I click Select All, scan over the orders and arrows, then take my turn..
Posts 1 - 2 of 2