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Useful moves in strategic gameplay: 12/26/2017 10:45:58

Level 63
This is a sequel of GiantFrog's thread [https://www.warzone.com/Forum/149405-trans-attc-percentage-cards?Offset=0], which was
posted in 2016.

I think GiantFrog did a really good job by making a list of advanced moves used by strategic community. Less experienced players should find this to be very useful and interesting, that's why I decided to make a sequel and also remind you about the previous part.

First of all, I want to point out one mistake which was made in one of these tips:

4. order prio to have 2 successive attcs (+ order prio as delay)

Situation: Random move order.
You fear your enemy could make his order inbetween 2 of your orders,
which were supposed to be successive.

Solution: Use order prio to have knowlede about the move order
and have your succesive orders on order(z) and order(z+1) with z being an even integer.

game: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=10670288 Turn 7

I feared running into a stack of his and get counterattced immediatly after it,
which may have lead to him breaking my bonus.
With both attcs of mine being successive there is no chance for him to break my bonus.
(i do realize he played order prio aswell,
chances i have first order still increase when playing prio against his prio)

note: knowing who has first turn also gives you knowledge
on who gets last order in a "delay war" if both have the same amout of delays,
so it may be worth it to use order prio to outdelay your opponent.

Last part is incorrect. Having the first order of the turn + the same amount of orders as your opponent doesn't necessarily give you the last order of the turn. It only works if each of you have even amount of orders. If it is opposite and you both have odd number of orders, then the player who starts the turn second will have the last order.


7. Avoid 1 army vs 1 defending army attacks.

As you all know, these attacks are a waste and might be very annoying, but here is a way to avoid them in some specific circumstances. The most common case is when you do this error after getting attacked by your enemy. In order to avoid this, attack by percentage might be helpful.

For example, you want to capture the least defended opponent's territory, while in another one he is stacked some armies. if you know that your opponent has the first order this turn and you can't run away from him if he deploys fully and attacks first, but you can survive there with your full deploy - 1, then by deploying all of your income there and attacking your target with maximum 50% of your armies, guarantees (because 1*0.5 is rounded to 0), that you won't waste your 1 survived army if he fully attacks you first order. By the way, you can ask why full deploy - 1 wouldn't be simpler to deploy if that's enough to survive? Well, the reason is also simple, full deploy in most cases kills more of the attacking armies.

There are a lot of different variations attacking by percentage (multiple attacks from one territory). I just wanted to point out one of the situations when it might(!) be useful, but usually you need to have a lot of information about your opponent's moves from the very beginning to make these attacks more effective.

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