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WARLIGHT 2 OR WARLIGHT 0.5: 12/25/2017 20:07:04

Level 56
I dont play warlight as much compared to previous years. I have never posted anything on warlight forum beofore but I need to get this off my chest.....

This is the worst upgrade made to the game. I really don't know if this was meant for the better but it feels as thought too is going on now sigh. I think that was the last game for me at warlight :(
WARLIGHT 2 OR WARLIGHT 0.5: 12/25/2017 20:38:02

Level 56
I also felt it wasn't the same and games took longer to fill up. Flash is still adictive imo
WARLIGHT 2 OR WARLIGHT 0.5: 12/25/2017 20:47:15

Level 63

Warzone Creator
Hey rueldinho,

Thanks for the feedback! If you want to be hepful, you need to actually say what about it that you don't like. Just saying "ti's the worst" isn't helpful since I have no idea what parts of it you don't like.
WARLIGHT 2 OR WARLIGHT 0.5: 12/26/2017 11:27:22

Level 57
Yeah the bugs got more and more less, thanks fizzer, but the handling, loading time was way better with the old one, means more fun. At least that is my feeling with the android app. Whatever at the moment I still like the game more as I dislike the new app.
WARLIGHT 2 OR WARLIGHT 0.5: 12/27/2017 16:42:53

Ontar Lenius 
Level 54
It is a bit slow right now, but I put my faith in Fizzer who I know for a fact is working hard at fixing that.

Give it some time, I mean the game is running on an entire new client with a ton of brand new features, and it’s only been out for a month :)
WARLIGHT 2 OR WARLIGHT 0.5: 12/28/2017 01:21:44

Level 59
I think with time, Unity should be as optimized as Flash. For now, I'm sticking to Flash.
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