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(rather silly) Must-Gift Idea.: 2/2/2012 16:08:55

Level 4
I had an idea, and i want to try out if it's fun.
It seems rather silly but i think it can be a fun alternative if you're bored and playing a non-ranked game.

I thought of making a FFA game where you get 1/x of gift card every turn and have to play every card. (set max cards in hand to 1 or 0) This way you have to gift your opponent a territory every x turns. You have got to be careful and strategic.

Maybe best with low fog, so you know which player you want to gift, and which you don't want to gift (if they are to big for example)

I want to know if this will work, or if i'm overlooking something.and if anyone wants to try it out with me.
(rather silly) Must-Gift Idea.: 2/2/2012 16:30:41

Level 21
You are overlooking "discard a card" option. Can work as a [variant](http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Variants), of course.
(rather silly) Must-Gift Idea.: 2/2/2012 16:39:46

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
It'd be very easy to game the giving, as they won't be able to reinforce the first turn you gift it. You could gift and then take it back the same turn, before your opponent can do anything about it.

You could make a rule saying that the players can't do that, I guess.
(rather silly) Must-Gift Idea.: 2/2/2012 16:50:33

Level 21
Or make a rule like "gift territories with no less than N armies".
(rather silly) Must-Gift Idea.: 2/2/2012 17:08:50

Widzisz • apex 
Level 60
Some time ago I had similar idea, but Segrain and The Duke of Ben already mentioned why it is impossible to do such template without adding some additional rules.

Instead I made quite original 1 vs 1 template, where using gift card isn't obligatory, but it's definitely profitable due to negative bonuses.

I won't get into details here, but many players liked it, somebody even decided to make a tournament:
- in the chat of this tournament you can find few links to games on this template, they illustrate the main idea.

And of course you can still join this tournament :)
(rather silly) Must-Gift Idea.: 2/2/2012 19:12:25

Mostly Harmless 
Level 55

Brilliant template!
It only gets rather weird once you add an AI. It kept capturing bonuses.
(rather silly) Must-Gift Idea.: 2/3/2012 08:20:32

Level 44
many variants, no matter how many or few additional rules are required.. work poorly with AI
I like this idea, with variant rules applied.. it could be interesting..
Segrain, in many games with too many gift/abandon cards evident, I will sometimes use them to give myself additional card pieces, hoping for more strategically useful cards..
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