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would become a 2vs2 ffa: 2/2/2012 14:50:44

druide corbeau
Level 3
Recently, I asked myself. If you could not see an option that would start the game in 2vs2. And after the elimination of a team we would see the game become ffa between two players remaining and the situation where they were finishing the other.
Do you understand me?
would become a 2vs2 ffa: 2/2/2012 14:57:02

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
Just play the game as a four player FFA with assigned teams to start, after which they are broken.

Granted, that doesn't allow you to share troops/cards or to see each other's territories, but you should be communicating anyway.
would become a 2vs2 ffa: 2/2/2012 14:58:20

Ace Windu 
Level 56
Em, maybe. I think.

Do you mean that you would like an option where a team game would be played, and then when one team is defeated the remaining team then fights FFA style amongst themselves to decide the sole victor?
would become a 2vs2 ffa: 2/2/2012 20:35:00

Level 58
unless you were sure of honesty, it would have to be set up as an ffa otherwise you could view your teammate's orders. maybe set it with light fog or no fog.

i dont think it would work so well as teammates would most likely have an eye on the endgame and focus more on their individual expansion than the team effort. so it would most likely resemble a 4 player ffa where there are two truces.
would become a 2vs2 ffa: 2/3/2012 08:24:03

Level 44
I think it could be an interesting idea.. purely because each teammate would be working towards their own ends, but still trying to work together..
problem if Fizzer attempted to Implement it..
whichever player went first could easily ninja all the cards, making himself more powerful for the end game..
whichever player went second could easily check player A's orders, and sneak himself into an advanced position to defeat him in the turn, when he decides to start fending mostly for himself...

naturally this would give the quick card hogger an advantage..
would become a 2vs2 ffa: 2/3/2012 08:54:50

Level 8
Considering you can attack your allies in team games, this wouldn't work out so well. In fact, it would work out as well as simply having two truces. People would put armies at each other's borders to prevent sneak-attacks and try to harass their "teammate" if they feel they're strong enough to take on everyone.

But I guess the worst problem would be the fact people can steal all the cards.
would become a 2vs2 ffa: 2/3/2012 15:35:38

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
I've been in the exact situation described many times in FFA games of various sizes. Two players who have very strong similar interests and who work together the entire game. Then, when the final opponent is gone, they go to war against each other.

The game type being described is already very easy in FFA format without any of the problems of making team games work like that and allowing players to game the team system.

Just house rule the teams to start, and there's no need for Fizzer to do anything at all.
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