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How to fix the map-in-corner issue: 12/19/2017 05:32:15

Level 45
I've figured out how to fix the issue where, when you upload an SVG, the map appears in the corner, and here is how I did it:

Step 1: Open document properties.

Step 2: Go to "Page." It should show by default when opening Document Properties.

Step 3: Go to "General" at the top of "Page" and change "Display Units" from mm to px

Step 4: Go down to "Scale" on "Page" and it should display a number like 0.2

Step 5: Change that number to 1 and resize your map accordingly

This has worked for me and it should work for you, but if it does not, reply to this forum post and request screenshots of how to do so.
How to fix the map-in-corner issue: 12/20/2017 00:51:00

Level 57
Until your inkscape doesn't have the scale feature...
Solution for that:

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