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how to stop quickmatches: 12/15/2017 21:44:05

Level 54
lol i entered quickmatches by mistake and i've played a couple but they seem to never keep coming. so how do you stop being entered into new ones
how to stop quickmatches: 12/15/2017 22:25:35

Dutch Desire 
Level 60
Only in unity/ the mobile app you can stop it. In there, go to the top and click "Quickmatch", and there you can offset "Invite me to multi-day games".
how to stop quickmatches: 12/15/2017 22:54:53

Level 62
You can only change Quickmatch settings if you're using the Unity version, not Flash version.
Edit: BTW, at least check for threads that answer this same question - there's been at least 10 threads about this so far this month.

Edited 12/15/2017 22:56:19
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