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Qaclostani Tales 3: 12/10/2017 15:47:38

Level 55
is going to be written by me.

Here it is.

It was 2070. In the Great Desert there was a wall. Robots and soldiers were patrolling the wall in the North, preventing anyone from the South from entering. The wall separates civilization from barbarity, post-scarcity from starvation, life from death.

Dalir Daghestani, now a resident of Isfahan-on-Mars, arrived at the New Great Wall after a spaceflight to Algiers and then a Hyperloop ride to In Guezzam.

In Guezzam was a prosperous Algerian city with about 2,700 residents. It used to have a lot more people. However secularization and modernization lowered the fertility rates and most Algerians moved to Europa or Mars. In 2070 most residents were either UN Peacekeepers or Algerian soldiers.

In Guezzam was supposed to be in the Great Desert, however Dalir did not feel that the weather was hot. New technologies ensured that residents of In Guezzam could control the temperature around themselves.

Dalir walked towards The Wall. An Algerian soldier greeted him: "As-salamu Alaikum!" Dalir responded in Arabic, "Wa'alaykumu as-salam!" Islam was almost entirely dead. However the old greetings continued to be used. The soldier introduced himself as Khalil Kermali. He asked Dalir why he wants to see the Wall. Dalir says: "Well I want to see the consequences of peafowlism. Could you please let me see what's behind it? I want to go up the Wall and see with my own eyes the reality of the land of peafowls." Khalil says: "Sure! Well you need to make sure that you remain safe because Peafowlia is simply lawless. " Dalir and Khalil entered an elevator and reached a watch tower, namely Watch Tower ALG-11-102-703.

From the watch tower they could see thousands of angry and hungry refugees knocking the Wall. Yet nobody responded. Furthermore the Wall was soundproof so the screams could be blocked. Hundreds of corpses were lying in the South/Peafowlia.

Dalir asked Khalil: "Where are they from?"

Khalil answered: "All over Peafowlia. In fact we do keep track of them. However they don't know that."

Dalir asked:"Oh! So can I actually visit Peafowlia?"

Khalil answered:"Why do you want to do that? Well it is possible but you really need to be protected. I suggest that you go back to Algiers to get a special visa. You also need to hire some armed guards. Then you should directly go there by Hyperloop."

Dalir agreed. He thanked Khalil, walked back to the In Guezzam Hyperloop Station and returned to Algiers.
Qaclostani Tales 3: 12/14/2017 01:59:22

Hot Brick
Level 17
No one gave you any attention whatsoever on this thread. I won't either, because I'm not part of what you are, hence why the confirmation of firm declaration, which was already established since a long time, has not only become firm, but as hot as a brick.
Qaclostani Tales 3: 12/14/2017 03:15:09

Level 61
Amazing story. Thanks for sharing.
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