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When 0 Armies Put Up a Fight: 12/8/2017 21:15:01

Ontar Lenius 
Level 54
That feeling when your one troop fails to kill 0...

When 0 Armies Put Up a Fight: 12/8/2017 21:51:38

The Endless Zero
Level 57
Lieutenant: Sir. We had an issue while capturing our assignment.
General: Yes?
Lieutenant: Yes sir, we failed to complete our objective.
General: You mean, the objective to occupy the territory NO ARMY WAS OCCUPYING???
Lieutenant: (gulps) Sir! Yes Sir!
General: How the hell did you screw this one up, Lieutenant?! Our spies told us there wasn't even a scouting unit there... or even any civilians... or anything, for that matter... so HOW COME YOU FAILED YOUR MISSION LIEUTENANT???
Lieutenant: Well... uh... sir... uhh...
General: SPILL IT!!!
Lieutenant: My men... they forgot... they forgot... their...
Lieutenant: My men forgot their objectives sir!
General: So you are saying YOU forgot to execute my orders!
Lieutenant: That is a way of putting it...
General: Son, have you forgotten WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR???
Lieutenant: Well, I didn't think it was important to do this right away...
General: I don't care if what I say is important or not. YOU FOLLOW WHAT I SAY.
Lieutenant: Even ordering us into a rain of bullets that would kill my entire company?
General: YES! And I think that would be a good idea about now... in fact... your next order...
Lieutenant: Please sir! I'm begging you!
General: Is to...
Lieutenant: Nooooo!
General: Sign these papers, get the F*** out of my office, and then get out of my sight. Forever.
Lieutenant: These are... discharge papers! But... but...
General: I am sorry Lieutenant, but we don't have time for your kind of stupidity.

And that, folks, is how 1 army fails to take 0.

Edited 12/8/2017 21:52:40
When 0 Armies Put Up a Fight: 12/9/2017 08:03:21

Not Tito
Level 58
Some quality warzone you have over there m8
When 0 Armies Put Up a Fight: 12/9/2017 08:06:46

Level 50
That's not even a rare occurrence.

It's going to happen 28% of the time. It's akin to tapping a stack with 1 on weighted random. You don't do it.
When 0 Armies Put Up a Fight: 12/9/2017 14:38:24

Level 61
maybe it was winter time, and the troops just couldn't move well in the snowy mountains with no rations left!
When 0 Armies Put Up a Fight: 12/9/2017 23:25:29

Level 61
I believe you have a traitor on your hands
When 0 Armies Put Up a Fight: 12/11/2017 18:45:51

Ontar Lenius 
Level 54
Love Like Dragons you had me laughing out loud at that one, thank you for that :P
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