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Asia map: 1/27/2012 19:59:20

Level 50
Since I was involved in the testing, and because I think every large map should have its own thread, here it is.
Made by by Caio Veloso

I only have three things I don't like about it, for the rest it's practically perfect:

1. Due to some weird projection used as template, Borneo is now the same size as Saudi-Arabia.

2. I think there should be a bonus for whole India, now it looks like West and East India are two separate countries.

3. [Nakhchivan](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nakhchivan) is joined with Armenia.

Post your own commentary/suggestions below, and hope Caio sees it!
Asia map: 1/28/2012 02:19:56

Level 12
The map is drawn quite well, island connections are well noted. Looks very good.

The big problem I have is the bonus labels. It's a real pain to search for the bonus links so far away from the actual bonuses. They'll be even more difficult to figure out in a real game, where the territories don't turn blue when the bonus is selected.

Caio, would you be able to make the bonus links smaller (18x18 pixels is good) and place them on the map, like in Fizzer's world maps? The bonus link will always rise to the top and be seen above the territories.
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