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Show all no longer shows all!!!: 11/14/2017 19:36:16

Chris deeeep 
Level 57
Look if you love pretty colors and nifty animations then you will continue to have a loosing record and soon quit warlight(warzone...?) for other shiny pretty games.

But for the rest of us, the "Show All" button was an important feature. in "warlight" the button displayed 90% of the turns changes. The Attack arrows obscuring the other 10% of terr's, but you could click on a terr and see the army-count/owner.

NOW the game play has been effectively crippled in this feature. The button still only shows 90% of the board, except there is not terr inspect until the feature is cleared.

Listen Fizer, if your goal is to target the more lucrative "shiny pretty picture buy your way through a game" crowd of today young gamer. Then I say grow a pair and state your intentions to fizzle out.

The strategic crowd that is inherently technically minded in the world of 1's and 0's can diverge into a new game platform, with less shiny pretty colors and fix all the shitty querks that you chose to ignore over the years and return to the arduous task of world domination.

Go forth and chase the almighty dollar, we wont hold it against you, but please level with us, otherwise for the sake of sanity and longevity of my vision, Peace!
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