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Flash or Unity | Whats the difference?: 11/14/2017 09:20:17

Level 59
Well the first thing is the ugly Unity interface - my personal opinion. Flash is dying - I get that and the switch was needed, said by the experts. But Flash is neat and clear.

What I like about unity?
The new chat is convenient and dynamic - no more hiding game-board. Also seeing card-pieces on top-left is a great thing to have. Hiding tabs with dynamic size is helpful. But the font is just bad, I wish this could be changeable. Same goes to green background on Website - I just can´t handle it - it kills my eyes instantly. I think Unity for me is a bit faster than Flash actually - so I cant argue with it, especially I feel it in huge maps with much of orders. Also it seems I can´t play Quickmatch under Flash so I assume its only unity feature.

I am only using Flash because I can´t deal with the font and Unity interface. Why can´t it be clean and clear and does have to be "art-like"?

About QM. When I click it ask me to wage coins and how many games I want to play at a time. Interestingly it does not tell me what I need to know. Whether it is going to be multi-day, real-time - what time frames are we speaking about; is it FFA, team, 1v1? I get the idea of basic starter templates and the voting, but can´t find any decent info of other factors. What am I getting into when I click on it?

How long I will be able to play Warlight with Flash? Any rough idea, time? Because it seems Unity might kill me here, literally. What I can propose is simplistic customization (if possible), font, old Flash look-like with new Unity dynamics. The art-look is definitely not to everyone. Same applies to cards: it could simply be letters: R for reinforcement, B-block, EB-emergency... you get the idea.

But first of all please change the dark-green background - am a need of bucket every time I come here now, I just get sick of watching it and for real. Don´t know why, maybe its just me, but I do get sick of it.

Edited 11/14/2017 09:26:04
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