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Suggestion for content for warlight: 11/9/2017 10:43:27

Level 57
I have found when making custom scenarios that it is very irritating when a super bonus extends over 1 or 2 terriories too many of one distribution. (So 1 player has almost the whole super bonus but another player has 2 territories in it)

My suggestion is allowing game creators to change the territories in bonuses around. If you really want you could make it members only or a level unlockable thing.

I know you could say that you could just redo the distributions to players or redo the numbers of the super bonus, but this wouldnt necessarily work for the kind of custom scenarios I like playing in which superbonuses add to the balance as losing them means losing a lot of your income. As for redoing distributions of players, for example in a custom scenario on middle earth, I have 2 players - Rohan and Isengard (more but this relates just to them). Isengard is technically part of the superbonus of Rohan but that is not really the way the custom scenario is meant to play out. Where my suggestion comes in handy is I could just remove isengard from the Rohan superbonus and all would be good because then the gameplay can work out. This is applicable to other situations than just the Rohan/Isengard one obviously.

Sincerely, Thessalos54
Suggestion for content for warlight: 11/9/2017 11:05:20

Level 62
You should post this on Uservoice: https://warlight.uservoice.com/.
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