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Video tutorial: 1/24/2012 00:41:13

dodo comander 
Level 57
After I suggested the making of a video tutorial for map making I was quickly thrown back the response feel free to put one together.

So that's what I am doing. A very basic but well versed video on map making.

The reason I am posting here before I am done the editing is:

I kinda want to know what you expect to find in the tutorial so that nobody is disappointed.

The basic layout up to now is

-> Step 1 is to access the wiki

-> step 2 is downloading Inkscape, reading the rules on wiki

-> step 3 is using Inksape and taging Territory_ and BonusLink_

-> step 4 activating WL editor

-> step 5 using warlight editor, connections, adding bonus, center points

(all is supported by visuals -and it goes step then show how , step show how...)
This will probably take a week or 2 to complete
Video tutorial: 1/24/2012 01:02:02

Level 58

Warzone Creator
Sounds great! Let me know if I can help.
Video tutorial: 1/24/2012 03:20:57

dodo comander 
Level 57
now that I think of it. Is it possible to obtain a copy of the warlight theme music?
Video tutorial: 1/24/2012 03:49:20

Level 44
this thread shows what the music is, if Fizzer doesn't provide.

Video tutorial: 1/24/2012 06:03:38

Level 12
Maybe you could have some tips flash on throughout the video? Or a display at the end? Here are a few off the top of my head that I don't think are on the Wiki:

1. Center your map before uploading the SVG. (1400+ centerpoints + re-centered map = lots of cursing, trust me)

2. Save territories, bonus links, and graphics to different layers for easy tagging in XML. (This may be too advanced for what you're looking for, but it sure made my life easier.)

3. Shift+mousescroll scrolls right and left. Ctrl+mousescroll zooms in and out.

4. You can't change the name or description of the map after it goes public.

5. Share your preview link! Warlight players love to help.

If I think of more, I'll let you know.
Video tutorial: 2/16/2012 23:25:32

Level 2
hows this tutorial coming?
im really interested in making some maps, but i cant seem to get the hang of it.. im more of a visual learner too.
just wondering.
Video tutorial: 2/20/2012 05:34:51

dodo comander 
Level 57
Well I dint think it take me this long I am more than half way through about at the phase of showing Inkscape tools..

I would rather not give a date when it be done cus I got alot on my plate these days!
But soon.. soon I hope. :)
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