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Looking for 2v2 partner, 5 games: 1/22/2012 01:21:21

Level 2
Anyone interested that can do 5 games at a time?
Looking for 2v2 partner, 5 games: 1/24/2012 09:59:45

[P]layer_rxb (retired)
Level 8
Hi xDerivative, I'd be interested to play with a good partner. I am still fairly new to warlight, but a seasoned strategy player. Check my stat page, I like to play and i can hold my ground. I got 2 little babies however, so playing real time is fairly rare for me. I usually only play the short real time games.

My location is Germany so CET so I play 6-7 am and 10-12 pm and a little at work or home in between if I have a minute to spare, but I try to minimize that.

Favorite maps: Big USA, big Asia, big Africa, Crosswords

Let me know if that works for you.
Looking for 2v2 partner, 5 games: 1/24/2012 16:53:39

Level 35
Really tempted, Derivative, as I have been wanting to get onto the 2v2 ladder for a while. But I have been trying to convince one of my mates, ak65, to buy a membership.
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