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Tournament Invitation Option (in Settings): 1/19/2012 14:35:14

Level 55
Tournament invitations can be good or annoying, depending on the type of tournament. I think it'd be a great improvement if we could filter the invitations we receive.

- 5 options: large team games (5+/team), small team games, FFAs, team FFAs (eg 2v2v2), 1v1s. If you don't like one, you don't receive invitations.
- Invitations not received are automatic declines.

I make a lot of tournaments. People complain sometimes that I invited them. Invitations are meant to be a good thing. I'm also invited to many tournaments. I decline 95% of them. Having to click a few times, & wait for the tournament to load just to decline it and add order to the My Games page is a waste of time. If the system already knew I am going to decline the tournament, I'd be happier.
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