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SP level template: 9/25/2017 14:00:39

Level 66
Is there a way to use a predefined template to create single player level?
As far as i can see, it's required to create everything from scratch every time.
SP level template: 9/25/2017 17:42:54

Level 58
that is correct! there is no current way to create/save a sp template. What one could do is create a draft of an existing sp level, but it doesn't really solve the issue, as it would replace your older draft, and that is mainly the reason why I haven't yet finished the hard version of my first published level.
SP level template: 9/26/2017 01:35:11

Level 62
I asked about this a while ago and Fizzer said something on the lines of new players would straight away make levels and wouldn't have any saved single player templates.
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