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New maps: Darts: 1/16/2012 15:45:18

Level 61
*Kroma made a map with a dartboard:*

*Because i didn't like it (all territories connected, stupid bonusses etc.) i turned my already made map public:*


You get a bonus for every territory, for the normal ones 1, for that on the double-ring and for bull 2, for that on the triple-ring 3 and for bulls-eye 5.
You can see this default setting at the bottom left.

There are several distribution modes like for 2, 4 and 5 players.
Also you can make to start all players on different rings which gives different games and requires different tactics.
Try it ^^
New maps: Darts: 1/16/2012 16:13:17

Level 4
+1 to Darts.....
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