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admins: 9/12/2017 17:25:58

Level 59
u tell me to change my name immediatly but aint possible

Change Player Name
Here you can change the name that everyone knows you as within WarLight. All name changes are immediate, however some players may still see your old name until they refresh their browsers. Your old names are visible on your profile so your friends can keep track of who you are.

Please note that you can only change your name once every 5 levels, so please double-check your new name before submitting it! If you want to change your name more often than every 5 levels, you can purchase additional name changes for $3.99 USD. Purchases also come with one week of ad-free play!

You can only change your name once every 5 levels. You will be eligible to change your name again when you reach level 64, or you can purchase the ability to change it now with the link above.

so can u make it possible?? cuz 5 levels gonna take looonnnngggg XD
admins: 9/12/2017 18:13:58

Level 62
That warning was probably to do with your most recent past name. Mr. Offensive is a more acceptable name...
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