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Looking for 2v2 ladder teammate: 2/2/2014 12:21:37

Master Potato
Level 59
I know this isn't the ladder thread, but no one goes on there and posting this in the general section won't really hurt anyone so yeah...

Anyway, I have just hit level 50 and am looking for a teammate to play the 2v2 ladder with.

The requirements are (exceptions can be made):

-Minimum 50% 1v1 win rate
- Minimum 50% 1v1 2v2 win rate
- Maximum 10% boot rate to ensure you are reliable

If anyone is interested mail me or comment on this thread and set up a 2v2 medium earth game with me. If you want to play a realtime and I will say when I can play. If you are interested but do not meat the requirements you can still contact me and we will play a couple games to how good of a teammate you really are.
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