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Armies for each territory: 9/2/2017 14:30:28

Level 5
Hello, I am new to map making and I'd like to know how to make the player receive a certain number of armies (2 like on the official maps) for each territory they hold. I know that the bonus field exists but I think it is for multiple territories.
Thank you
Armies for each territory: 9/2/2017 14:46:36

Level 54
The "Armies per territory" setting comes from WL, not the map maker. unless you're going to assign a bonus for each territory.

So you have two choices. You can create a bonus and link for each territory (kind of like some of the diplomacy maps). Or you can make the map normally, then go on WL and turn on the "Armies per territory" setting.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2