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A few ideas: 1/14/2012 02:23:23

dunga • apex 
Level 57
Hi guys,

I always read a bunch of suggestions, and i would like to give some of mine.

The first thing its a bracket tournament (single or double elimination) with multiple games in each map. A best of 3, of 5, of 7 or of 9. In the same template or not.
The Playoff would start with "N/2 + 1/2" games at the same time (2 games in a best of3, 3 in a best of 5, etc).
And then each time the minimum score value rises it will be add another game.
For example: in a best of 7 match, 4 games will start, then when if the score reaches 1x1, 2x1, or 3x1, the 5th match will start. If the score reaches 2x2, or 3x2, the 6th match would start. And the 7th match will start only when the score reaches 3x3.
This suggestion i think is to estimulate high level competition. Since this game has a big luck factor within pros games, the bigger the set of games, higher the chance of its results shows us the real best player in the bracket.
Of course to not be time consuming the bracket would go only as far as 32 players.
Players would play more times against high level oponents, and more time with the same opponent.

The second suggestion is a Nations Cup.

It would be required that the players subscribe his nationality, and then start the national tournaments, to form the national team.

The tourney could be like the Davis Cup in tennis. 5 games will be played: 2 games 1x1, 1 game 2x2, 1 game 3x3, and 1 game 5x5. Strategic 1x1, strategic 2x2 and europe 3x3, are 3 of the 5 games.
Each template would hold its own method of selecting the players.
I think would have great response from players and a lot of movement of the players, and the opportunity ok making many players have a feeling of belonging in a top level in the game, being a representative of his country.
It was always a success in other games I played.

And the final and least important, is that could be a handicap system for practice games, something like posted in this thread: http://warlight.net/Forum/Thread.aspx?ThreadID=2414

I thing the game that resembles warlight the most, and I think many Asian players will agree, is the boardgame of GO. There is a lot to be learned with their wonderfull ranking system, with a very nice way to use handicap in a way that you find the exact point the game is fair.

I hope this ideas are worthing discussing,
A few ideas: 1/14/2012 17:19:45

Level 19
I'm going to read it all later, but I did read the Nations Cup, and I like that idea!
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