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World war 2320 single player help.: 8/29/2017 02:01:41

Level 43
when i play world war 2320 it always ends up to where i am just running away from brown and get killed, how do i do this?
World war 2320 single player help.: 8/29/2017 03:10:49

Level 62
you dont fight straight to the strongest guy to in a game first, just fight the others and spread as fast as u can (dont forget to pick up the territories its taken from the boss which most of them are usually being hold with just 1 army , just retake it back with 2-3 )and eventually you will get stronger than the boss and thats the time u finish it.

hope this helps.
World war 2320 single player help.: 8/29/2017 06:29:10

Level 59
Expand fast, kill the South America commander quickly, when you reach Europe, do the same against the europe commander. Don't let the spawns make dammage to your bonuses, kill them asap. To deal with the last AI, go for his income in Asia, and use anti-boss tactics: deploy all arround the boss +3, and attack the boss position late in the turn so that you take his previous territory as he takes a new one.

Do that and it should be easy.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3