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Historical Community Level Scenarios: 8/26/2017 23:23:56

Level 32
I plan to start a series of Historical Community Level Scenarios, in a way like "Choose your Adventure." Below, I can show an example.


German Invasion of Czechoslovakia

IF Succeed:
German Invasion of Poland

IF Fail:
German Invasion of Denmark


It would be very fun in my opinion, I hope you can give me ideas on what wars to do, but note that I am limited on maps as my level is low(Level 13.)
Historical Community Level Scenarios: 8/29/2017 06:36:45

Level 59

This is a fairly good map to use for a WW2 series, you have ofc the problem of not being level 30 yet, but it's not too hard to get there if you go for it.
Historical Community Level Scenarios: 8/29/2017 08:19:08

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45
Play shit ton of lotteries m8
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