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Fizzer: Profile Beautification?: 1/12/2012 08:47:01

Level 55
My profile is ugly. I've tried to simplify it. But no matter what I do it is still ugly. Any chance the profile could be changed slightly?


- Minimize (-) & Maximize (+) settings/options for: Favorite Games, Ladder Stats, Ranked Games, Previously known as, Play Speed, and everything below Player Name (at top) and Favorite Games (ie, from Email to This player has been boot: minimize it as part of Player Name)

My minimized/simplified profile, as a crude illustration:


Gui M (+)
Favorite Games (+)
Ladder Statistics (+)
Ranked Games
Completed 2446 ranked games (1863 / 2446) (+)
Previously known as... (+)


ÚČ╝ (image)
Player Speed (+)

Others could click (+) to see the details, if they actually care about them. And if it is not that hard to do: maybe each player could choose what to minimize and what to maximize.
Fizzer: Profile Beautification?: 1/12/2012 09:11:25

Level 58

Warzone Creator
I'm not sure making everything collapsible will be very well received. At least for me, when I look at someone's profile, I want to scan over it, not have to click five times just to see the content.

I'm sure there are ways to make it look better without collapsing sections. I know the ladder stats look really bad, since there's too much text and not enough structure. If you (or anyone) wants to make a mock-up of an improved screen (either save and modify the html, or just take screenshots and edit in Photoshop), send it to me at fizzer@warlight.net and I can do the rest.
Fizzer: Profile Beautification?: 1/12/2012 09:42:26

Level 55
True. Simplicity of appearance and functionality are important. I'm not sure what the best balance would be.

For ladder stats, maybe change it from:

Ladder Statistics
1 v 1 ladder: Not Ranked with a rating of 2014. Best rating ever: 2058, best rank ever: 3rd

2 v 2 ladder with unknownsoldier: Not Ranked with a rating of 1878.

2 v 2 ladder with denzyman_UA: Not Ranked with a rating of 1793. Best rating ever: 1921, best rank ever: 1st


1v1: 20 / 100 (20%) Rank (Best): Inactive (3). Rating (Best): 2014 (2058).
2v2 w/unknownsoldier: 5 / 10 (50%). Rank (Best): NA (NA). Rating (Best): 1878 (NA).
2v2 w/denzyman: Record: 100 / 100 (100%) Rank (Best): Inactive (1). Rating (Best): 1793 (1921).

- making the Ladders section in a boxed (rows and columns) format might help, like what you did with the Notable Victories section on ladder pages.
- I think adding one's ladder record to the profile is useful (I also think adding [1] overall record and [2] unexpired record to each player's ladder page would be interesting and useful).
- For teammates' names: maybe limit it to 5-10 characters? (eg, Aquaholic's new name would be ugly on NoobSchool's profile page).
- With respect to ladder record, adding it to the Dashboard might be cool too:

1 v 1 Ladder: Rankings


(My apologies for simple text: I'm not very good with computers, never use photoshop and never took a screen shot before.)
Fizzer: Profile Beautification?: 1/12/2012 09:52:24

Level 55
Possible solution for appearance and functionality balance: make use of the right half of the profile page?

Currently, 20% of the page (left) shows an image and has "Play Speed," 20% of the page (center) shows a bunch of information, and 60% of the page is blank. Using that empty 60% (so all the information is available without scrolling down) might be useful.

Maybe shift 'Ladder Statistics' and 'Ranked Games' to the right, with 'Ranked Games' above 'Ladder Statistics'?
Fizzer: Profile Beautification?: 1/12/2012 12:15:59

Level 4
Nice topic , i am working on my idea :)
Fizzer: Profile Beautification?: 1/12/2012 14:53:00

Level 4
so here is what i think profile should look like , but i would prefer that fizzer only apply this design to member's profiles [this will add one more feature for buying membership] , in this pic i also changed the member symbol, i hope you will like it :)
link : http://bundracharles.my3gb.com/fizzer.png

Fizzer: Profile Beautification?: 1/12/2012 15:59:36

Level 50
Both the link and the image don't work for me.
Fizzer: Profile Beautification?: 1/12/2012 16:02:24

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Personally, I couldn't give a rat's ass about the profile aesthetics.

I'd rather Fizzer's limited time and focus was spent on developing implementing game-play features since those are far more meaningful.
Fizzer: Profile Beautification?: 1/13/2012 00:36:50

[WM] Dazed & Insane 
Level 50
I agree that I'd rather have Fiz working on more important things, but if the WL community is willing and able to help make things better, then awesome.
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