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Your time will come: 8/22/2017 19:34:59

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45
Fatma Sibel Yüksek's fearless and incredible writing about Recep Tayyip Erdoğan


I looked at your face on the billboards; They took and choose your best photographs with your best ''crazy'' look in your eyes to professedly make you look ''mighty'' . Your
eyes that shows how you cannot digest your place which you came into with uncontrolled adrenaline and viciousness. You can't do anything right.
You're uncultured, uncouth, basic, your hunger is unending.Even your perverted mind that can only work if it's about stealing whispers to you ''You have no respect from anyone'', ''You are not perfect''. You get out of control more and more every time hear it. You shout ''Respect me! Bow before me! Surrender to me!'' but it doesn't work. It WON'T work. Even those who are closest to you can't stand your insufficient, inhumananly raging, selfish personality. By the way, your ''inner circle'' is now only composed of those who are either clever or those that wants to use you until your eventual fall and those who are playing under the shadow of a madman. You are empty, so empty. You're as soulless and vulgar as a whorehouse bouncer. Your bravado is a lie, your raunchy behaviour is a joke, you're as tough as a plastic bag. I doubt that words right, rightness, righteousness, justice, mercy are even in your vocabulary. It's funny that you are trying to hide the fact that you are not complete and imperfect by showing your ''skills'' in ''international trade'' and ''commercial cleverness''. By the way, who are you? Why don't you have a photograph other than the 3 you graciously showed us which were your childhood, youth and military photos, where are the rest? Why don't you have more photographs? Which schools did you go to and finish? With whom did you sit with in class? Who is your first grade teacher? Why is NO ONE, not even 1 person came and shared his/her childhood memories with you? Even Seda Sayan's (Turkish celebrity) old neighborhood photos were found, why is your past is hidden under a foggy curtain? Are you actually a ''no one''? Who programmed your sick brain? Why are you devoid of any value or emotion? How are you so good at destroying the most important values? How did you find courage to force yourself into the history books with your mortal and withering body, your tongue which feeds on and spouts superstition, slander, hate, ignorance, your personality with unending ambition and everlasting hunger. We heard that now you are playing the ''Sultan''. You've tasted every position of power, now the only thing left is to become the ''Sultan''? Your fake ID and body without any doubt cannot become a Fatih, Yavız, Kanuni but it can be a ''Deli İbrahim'' and ''Vahdettin'' combination or something between, in the end though you are still a puppet. You are with your flaws, faults, wrongs just a little baby in a silk cloth which is used by those behind the scenes.
You are grumbling, rumbling, stomping.
You are shrilling like a monger in a bazaar. Looking down with mad eyes, you are shouting like an animak with your forehead veins bulging. What do you want? You've become wealthy. Your spawn tax even simit tables. Your freaky wife covered herself in the best silk and jewelry money can buy. Your lackeys sit upon gazelle leather chairs while expanding their bottoms. You left those who said ''enough is enough'' unemployed and homeless, threw them to your dungeons, you condemned their families to starvation. Youthful university graduates are commiting suicide due to unemployement. Doctors, teachers, police, soldiers are living on the poverty line; retired are picking up leftovers from the street pavement. Soldier slaughterers in the parliament are laughing at us. And you are still in your pricey suits, wearing your custom made solid golden watch, your silk tie and keep on vomiting ignorance and hate. Who do you hate so much? Where does this hatred come from? Did you ever worry about afterlife? Yes, there is afterlife. And your hunger, your viciousness, your hatred, your perversion only brings you closer to afterlif everyday, be careful for god may punish you after all. You are too much of a parasite, you stink the place with your foulness more than enough. You failed to be happy with what you got and forgot about thinking about others than yourself. You are not even able because you came to earth to eat, drink, defecate and to instill hatred. And to top it all you are being arrogant, that is not acceptable.

Your end will come by the hands of your own unending arrogance.

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Your time will come: 8/22/2017 19:36:45

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45
This is a raw and rough translation due to the usage of words which cannot be directly translated to english.
Your time will come: 8/22/2017 21:36:43

Level 35
I'm sorry to anyone who supports Erdogan, but he is a dictator and a man devoid of respect. Anything else to describe him is wrong. The only reason he gets a lot of support now is because Turkey is in NATO, otherwise he'd be like all the other dictators in the Middle East. He's even attacking the Kurds in Syria, the same people who are fighting ISIS. Apparently he'd rather have ISIS on his border than the Kurds. Does this make any sense?
Your time will come: 8/22/2017 21:44:34

Level 53
turkey buys smuggled ISIS oil and sells it on the global (actually its flat) market
Your time will come: 8/22/2017 22:10:52

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
Iranian oil* dear

Turkey buys huge amounts of Iranian oil and other valuable Iranian goods to sell to the western pigs because Iran can't sell it itself

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Your time will come: 8/23/2017 01:00:08

Level 55
Economy: "there is no crisis since there's always a crisis." it is always in a state of great untrust flipflop and inflation so it has long ago became habit to deal with it.

Polit: there is none (might bloodily come back in a few years)

Crime: biggest one by far is corruption, the other ones practically do not happen

Healthcare: a good near-free, though not great system with it constitutionally guaranteed as a right. There is a great oversupply of doctors in the city though leading to pretty low wages for doctors.
Been there and done that, though they didn't ban Wikipedia yet. Resolve, and instead of complaining and getting fired by other folk whining, just do your best to make sure as little as possible happens to you and your peers.
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