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Search Profiles?: 1/11/2012 19:30:00

Colonel Cortez
Level 2
Can I search for member profiles?

So far the best way to see one is to find a person's post in a forum.

I find it easier to invite a newb to Warlight by email than to connect with someone already signed up.

Greg / Harrier
Search Profiles?: 1/11/2012 20:25:04

Level 2
Agreed. I'd LOVE a "Recent Opponents" list, and a "Friends" list.

Methinks it's time to donate!

-Rick / Fungible
Search Profiles?: 1/11/2012 20:38:03

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Depending on your settings all opponents should go into your invite list. This is essentially the same thing as a friends list. However, it does not tell you whether or not a player is online. And there is no means of searching profiles.
Search Profiles?: 1/11/2012 20:40:30

Level 2
I echo the comments above - a searchable list of people would be very helpful.
I appreciate the recent opponents list being similar to a friends list, but the question at hand is: How do I find people I know and want to play with more easily?

John / Jestyr
Search Profiles?: 1/12/2012 03:09:48

Level 2
Ping! It's Pierce here. Just wanted to add support and make my username available for invite. :)

Search Profiles?: 1/12/2012 18:20:56

Level 2
Joel Scott reporting for battle.
Search Profiles?: 1/12/2012 21:42:50

General Zero 
Level 12
Greg, the process for inviting a newb and for adding someone already with a profile is identical. You "Invite New Player". If they are a newb, then it sends them an email. If they already have a profile, then it will auto-find their profile and add it to your Friends list.

I think this is a pretty misleading/confusing process since you aren't "Inviting New Player" as much as "Add Existing Profile to Friends List and Game".
Search Profiles?: 1/12/2012 21:57:42

Level 44
I want to feel like I'm a part of the in-crowd

Perrin / 3088
Search Profiles?: 1/13/2012 16:42:35

Matma Rex 
Level 12
I believe the absence of, say, a list of all players, is caused by Fizzer's philosophy and nearly paranoid concern about privacy.

The philosophy, as far as I know, says that people should be able to play only among a small circle of friends and be able to stay completely unbothered by all the hundreds of other players. (I have no idea if anybody actually does that - which just might confirm that the method works.)

I think the above is a reason why there is no uniqueness enforced on usernames (so you can just call yourself Jack or Wendy and don't hit a conflict), why games you were not on are usually unreachable for you (unless you get a link), and why you can't find players which do not "appear publicly" - in open games, open tournaments, ladders, or on forum.

This goes closely with the privacy - game IDs are random, player IDs are random too (you can't just check every guy from number 1 to 1000, unlike nearly any system I know of), your e-mail is hidden, and you can't even choose to show it publicly - your Warlight account is essentially invisible and ungoogle'able.

Some may like this approach, some may not. I personally don't, but you can't force it on players who do, and after all, Fizzer's the boss here ;) and he appears to want to keep it the way it is.
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