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Take your turn already!: 3/13/2010 23:40:11

Level 56
I find it amazing that people very willingly join games that have a 3 day boot time but then complain when they are booted as early as 5 days without informing the people in the game that they won't be able to play for x period of time. Stop blaming the people that boot you or your teammates. Blame yourself or the person that didn't take their turn. Take responsibility for your actions. There are tournaments that have been going on for months because people won't take their turn. Truth is there should be a system boot time. Where if you hit that time, the system boots you so you can't blame anyone but yourself. If you feel the game should have more than a 3 day boot time, then don't join games unless you can convince the host to change the boot time.
Take your turn already!: 3/14/2010 05:20:19

Level 34
Yea and amen!
Take your turn already!: 5/11/2010 01:55:21

Level 2
I still feel bad when I vote to boot someone who is on another team.
Take your turn already!: 5/11/2010 02:02:02

Emperor B
Level 30
+1 for system boot time
Take your turn already!: 5/12/2010 19:59:26

Level 10
The 3 day boot time is the default, therefore many people that couldn't give a rat's ass about how often the players play their turns setup games with 3 day boot times because they just ignored the settings. It also just doesn't matter, the game that took 3 months to finish plays exactly the same as the game that took a week. The surest and fastest way to utterly ruin the strategic flow of a game is to boot someone from it, and this is why I always question the motives of the booter crowd. What is important? The end of the game, or the game itself?!?! If you want more warlight in your life, join more games until the turns come at a pace that you like.

If you wish to specify in the game title or explanation text that you are expecting strict adherence to the boot times, then that's totally fair and people shouldn't join the game if they can't hold to it, but just leaving it on the default and then expecting people not to be mad when you boot them is unrealistic.
Take your turn already!: 5/13/2010 21:35:26

Level 2
Take your turn already!: 5/16/2010 01:27:49

Level 3
I agree exactly with Devilnis. I set up games all the time with 1 day boot times, but I'm not going to boot somebody unless it's a tournament and they've been gone for 3+ days. So long as it's just a stand-alone game for enjoyment, keep off the boot trigger please (unless, like devilnis mentioned, you mention in the title strict adherence to boot-times). I was kicked out of a 5-min game recently within a couple seconds after five minutes passed, because I was thinking about the move, and I was in the process of pressing the commit button...it's frustrating!
Take your turn already!: 5/16/2010 04:32:56

The Impaller 
Level 9
I'm of a mixed opinion here. If I make a 5 minute 1 v 1 game, I'm expecting you to move every 5 minutes. If you're thinking of your move and it takes you 10 minutes a move, I'm completely fine with that and won't boot you. But if you drop off the face of the earth and don't say anything for 20+ minutes and I'm winning the game I will boot you every time. Most of the time in that situation my opponent simply decides to ditch the game because they are losing and aren't a good enough sport to hit the surrender button or at least finish it out. If you say something like "I've gotta run, can we finish this later" I will be perfectly fine with that, and assume that the player isn't a big enough dick to boot me after I've shown them the courtesy to not boot them.

If I make a game with someone and specify a time greater than a day, then I'm not going to boot you pretty much ever (outside of tournaments). That's a game meant to be played at the leisure of both players, and I totally agree with Devilnis in that regard. If you want to play more Warlight, then join more games. Booting someone isn't even playing more Warlight. Instead it's lowering the number of games you have. The only real motive I can see behind it is the desire to "win at any costs" or stat padding, outside of specific scenarios (like the one where you are overwhelmingly winning and your opponent has been moving in other games but avoiding this one. It's clear they've given up on it).
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