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add to friends system: 8/20/2017 06:50:49

Level 53
add an extension to the friend system that allows us to see what games our friends have joined.
add to friends system: 8/20/2017 08:24:07

Level 62
Ask them to PM you the game link. The game link can be found in the address bar when in a game. It can also be found on the Dashboard.
add to friends system: 8/20/2017 14:51:07

Level 58
I just don't like an extension like that due to the fact everybody can just add you as a friend by going to your profile. If you play with only friends on ocaasions everybody who has put you as their friend will be able to see al those games as well.

Besides that most don't even know how their friends list is that long i feel like.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3