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Force-finish wins: 8/16/2017 06:10:22

Level 59
In order to ensure a winner can be declared and the rankings can be finalized, all games in a season must end by the ending date, which is exactly 60 days after it began. If a game isn't finished when the season ends, WarLight will immediately end it. The winner will be determined by adding up how many armies each player controls on the map, then adding in each player's income times two.

Players are expected to make a reasonable effort to finish a game before the season ends. If you try to intentionally win a game by force-finish that you would have otherwise lost, the win will be taken away from you.
Have there been examples, situations where a win has been taken away like that? I wonder what exactly goes under that rule. For example if one starts to commit 10 days before end always after 2nd day - to avoid advancement of game: no more reinforcement cards, enough turns to finish a bonus for opponent etc.? We are given 3 days to commit - that is also right. I am not sure this is clear to me.

Edited 8/16/2017 06:10:45
Force-finish wins: 8/16/2017 06:12:15

Level 68
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