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Is Warlight full of shrimps? (Part Two): 1/31/2014 06:03:07

Level 55
Now that I have given a cogent and persuasive answer to the other Shrimp Thread, I have deemed it necessary and urgent to tackle a new Shrimp Question:

Is Warlight full of shrimp brains?

Shrimps, the sea creatures, have small brains. In Chinese, one can say somebody is stupid by saying s/he has a "shrimp brain/head" 蝦頭.

Shrimp Brain Specimen #1: Brain (aka Brian)

Based on Shrimp Thread #1's irrefutable arguments about social outcasts being shrimps and the average height of men in Hong Kong, clearly Specimen #1 is a shrimp. His desire to use oblique methods to criticize, ridicule or otherwise poke fun at fellow players also evidences his shrimp nature: a meek sea creature, he has acclimated to his shrimp nature and knows a direct confrontation with bigger, stronger creatures is not in his interests. Hence The Brian-CORP Conflict: Brian knows CORP are lowly creatures in the Great Chain of Being and Shrimp are not much higher; so it is safe for him to pick on CORP, this jellyfish-like unit of soft, flailing roleplaying tentacles formed from pieces of vegetation growing on the bottom of the sea just below Brian on the food chain. Naturally, Brian the Shrimp is in his element when he bottom feeds.

Fully aware he is a shrimp, and cognizant of the pejorative phrase "shrimp brain/head" 蝦頭, Brain (aka Brian), tries to overcompensate in a truly Scare Crowesque manner for his lack of a brain. Where Scare Crow laments "If I only had a brain," and seeks The Wizard of Oz to give him a certificate or necklace confirming he has the semblance of a brain, Brain (aka Brian) seeks confirmation from The Fizzer of WL by changing his name to Brain.

Thus, if we put the pieces together, we have the following facts:

1. Brain is a shrimp.
2. Brain seeks public acceptance of his meager intellectual ability, hence the Scare Crowesque adoption of the name "Brain."
3. Shrimp + Brain = Shrimp Brain 蝦頭.

Now, since I have proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Brian is a Shrimp Brain, it is irrefutable that WL is full of shrimp brains.

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Is Warlight full of shrimps? (Part Two): 1/31/2014 06:12:52

Level 54
Is Warlight full of shrimps? (Part Two): 1/31/2014 06:48:22

Level 53
hahahaha god you just made my entire warlight life worth it! that was one of the funniest threads i have read in a very long time! (no offense taken of course)
Is Warlight full of shrimps? (Part Two): 1/31/2014 08:07:00

Level 58
the ghost picks a fight with a human.

hi Qi! riding the shrimp!

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Is Warlight full of shrimps? (Part Two): 2/1/2014 02:09:16

Level 53
Oh my god its qi riding Brain!!!
Is Warlight full of shrimps? (Part Two): 2/1/2014 05:54:50

6th Army Group
Level 52
Paula Deen? On a giant shrimp?You people always make me laugh
Is Warlight full of shrimps? (Part Two): 2/1/2014 07:18:16

Michael the Jester
Level 52
that's ugh bro running before it eats us
Is Warlight full of shrimps? (Part Two): 2/1/2014 12:59:57

The Man from Nowhere
Level 18
Qi rides brain into battle:

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