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Suggestion: View Teammates Orders: 1/8/2012 08:08:27

Level 44
this is a small suggestion, which I want to make Fizzer aware of, and get user comments, but not yet worthy of a UV, imho.. primarily because not even I have the votes to put into it..

when viewing your teammates orders, It often moves to some relatively random area on the map.. I understand there is probably some reasoning beyond where it moves to, but that is beyond the point.. Say I am on the earth map, zoomed in on Greenland, me and a teammate and an enemy are having a lil' tactical dance there.. I click to check that teammates orders to make sure I understand and coordinate what he is communicating properly.. then I get zoomed over to Antartica..
Idc what is going on in Antartica, that's why I was zoomed in on Greenland.. It can get highly annoying when coordinating in team games, Imho ofc'

thank you for your time
Suggestion: View Teammates Orders: 1/8/2012 08:51:09

Level 56
I would vote for that! However, I appear to have 0 votes left >.>
Suggestion: View Teammates Orders: 1/14/2012 12:11:02

Matma Rex 
Level 12
The view probably slides to where the first of his orders is placed (just like it does when you click an order on the list in top-right corner).

This might be useful in some cases - but it should probably slide only if none of your teammate's orders are currently visible on your screen.
Suggestion: View Teammates Orders: 1/14/2012 12:45:28

Level 46
There have been suggestions (for related reasons) to include a checkbox "auto-centre view" (or, alternatively, "freeze view"). Whether that's useful when watching last turn is debatable, but there have been multiple examples of why it'd be useful when viewing history.
Suggestion: View Teammates Orders: 1/14/2012 14:17:07

Level 58
thats also useful when youre in a large map with teammates or with light fog and you want to be able to see only the moves in the area of the map that youre in.
Suggestion: View Teammates Orders: 1/14/2012 15:42:23

Level 55
i'd also add this about looking at a teammate's orders: when you are in a large game (eg 10v10) viewing a teammate's orders (to coordinate), your view will be interrupted when another teammate puts in orders. then you have to go back to the original teammate to view what you were looking at. while doing this, another teammate can put in orders and disrupt your concentration and waste more time. i've clicked View Orders about four times in one occasion just to see one guy's simple moves.
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