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New Games Hype Discussion: 8/1/2017 04:02:51

Level 58
Hype for Mario Odyssey on Switch ?

It looks amazing.

Did anybody play or planning to play the new game by McMullen (SuperMeatBoy) :
The World is Neigh ?

It is a successor to SMB but adds an open world element.

You can get extras collectibles (tumors) by going off-path.

So far, if anything looks to be a thing or path, it always is. :3

The game surprised me by the addition of the open-world element.
I did not expect McMullen to add this in a SMBesque game.

Edited 8/1/2017 04:06:27
New Games Hype Discussion: 8/1/2017 04:25:05

Invicta Reaper
Level 56
I heard WarLight is going to be released soon. Really hyped.
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