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How Tabbish are you?: 7/25/2017 20:37:31

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 53
How many statements below do you agree with?

1.Knowledge is morally good. We need to understand as much of the universe as possible. Both reason and empirical knowledge are necessary to understand the universe.

2.Mathematics and philosophy are beneficial and should be pursued.

3.We should strive to do no harm to other sentient beings that can suffer. Hence stem cell meat must replace regular meat in the future and most forms of abortion is morally wrong. However self-defense (e.g. killing a mosquito) and voluntary euthansia of terminally ill patients are legitimate exceptions.

4.We should not pursue asceticism. Material goods if obtained morally are morally good and should be celebrated.

5.The principles 1 and 2 are so important that in order to pursue them it is even reasonable to forfeit the future existence of the human species as long as principle 3 is not violated. Better a world of rational robots that know as much Physics as possible than a world of irrational humans.

6.Unjustified beliefs are both irrational and morally wrong. Objective analysis of claimed supernatural claims is necessary so that if any real theist deity actually exists we should strive to know this fact.

7.Eugenics, genetic engineering, transhumanism and life extensions are necessary and should be pursued.

8.Humans must develop weapons to defend ourselves from aliens and establish space colonies. Humans must expand as much as possible.

9.There exists cognitive differences among different groups of humans for both genetic and environmental reasons. These differences are real but they are not static. Hence it is reasonable to speak of "high-IQ groups", "moderate-IQ groups" and "low-IQ groups" all of which are categories that change over time.

10.High-IQ groups should rule the world with the consent of moderate-IQ groups and populate the world with most inhabitants members of high-IQ groups and a significant minority of members of moderate-IQ groups.

11.All high-IQ groups and moderate-IQ groups are entitled to self-rule and racial homelands. People from the groups above who don't want to live in homelands are entitled to live in multiracial zones located in regions that are majority members of low-IQ groups and formerly uninhabited regions.

12.Low-IQ groups need to be ruled by high-IQ groups. The high-IQ colonists are entitled to settle on lands with most inhabitants members of low-IQ groups. In return colonial governments must ensure that their low-IQ subjects live reasonably good lives. Adequate food, medicine and housing for natives must be provided by colonial governments. Forced labor of natives must be banned however colonial governments are entitled and encouraged to force decisions on natives if the decisions are good for the natives themselves. (e.g. All natives must wash their hands before eating. All native youths must go to school, etc.)

13.Sexual reproduction is inherently anti-male. Sexuality in humans is not just anti-male but also anti-female because rape is biologically possible. Hence sexuality must eventually be phased out through transhumanism.

14.Peafowlism is inherently harmful to both non-peafowls and the societies that host the peafowls. Hence peafowlism must be suppressed.

15.Sometimes autism is good if the only "impairment" of a particular autist depends on the fact that he/she is different from non-autists. (e.g. Physical clumsiness is a real problem while being literal is not.) The social behaviors of High-Functional Autists (HFA) are inherently functional (i.e. HFAs have no trouble communicating with other HFAs. In fact HFA communication is actually more efficient than non-autistic communication. The only reason why HFAs supposedly have a communication problem is that non-autists are the majority and it is hard for us to communicate with them.) however it is different from the social behaviors of non-autists.

16.Autists are more logical than non-autists in general though exceptions exist.
How Tabbish are you?: 7/25/2017 21:03:29

Level 55
1: Y
2: mixed (learning anything is ultimately good but number science and meta is pretty low-priority to actual sciences)
3: mixed (totally for not harming anyone that can suffer, but most abortions do no suffer, and bugs don't have any nerves to suffer as well. There's also the problem of defining what pain is and figuring how much other animals feel it. For most mammals and birds, though, it's immoral.
4: No (you can be happy with whatever you have now. making new things will increase happiness temporarily but not enough folk accept things for what they are, and make their whole life sad of it, end up hating themselves, or at least are disappointed. Keep resolve.)
5: No. (furthering humanity is why we do 1 and 2)
6: Mixed (totally for calling folk out on bullshit, but if it's just fibs that aren't hurting anyone, then it's fine)
7: Mixed (necessary? no. should be pursued? yes, further the sciences and stop folk from being born badly. Also not for forcing eugeny upon anyone.)
8: Mixed (yes but the Earth can still hold loads more folk for a very long time and we have little idea of what technology will bring in the far future. no need to waste money on this. However Roskosmos makes money, so go ahead, it's actually not wasting money in the long run)
9: Mixed (using IQ is very flawed, to really say you can measure it well in any way is to lie heavily)
10: No (the endgame is to have noone rule)
11: No
12: No
13: No
14: No
15: Mixed (it hinges on how autist someone is, and autism just makes you more like a computer in some cases. Why be a computer from the '70s when we have computers today?)
16: IDK (tabby you don't know either)

How Tabbish are you?: 7/25/2017 22:04:38

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45









10.T, but IQ does not mean everything.

11.Who would want to live in shitholes?

12.Natives should be grateful we are letting them live, and that's an ''if''.

13.Go get a girlfriend, atleast get an escort if you are financially able for fucks sake.

14.I stopped caring about your questions so i am just gonna say meh.

15.''Sometimes autism is good'' i stopped reading after that.

How Tabbish are you?: 7/25/2017 22:49:31

Level 62
3. ('We should strive to do no harm to other sentient beings that can suffer') and 8. ('Humans must develop weapons to defend ourselves from aliens') are contradicting because if humans are peaceful to aliens, then, presumably, aliens would be peaceful with humans as well as they are likely to be an advanced and developed species.

1. Yes, but I wouldn't call knowledge morally good but call it essential for humans to carry on striving instead.
2. Yes.
3. Mixed. Humans shouldn't hurt other beings. Why use stem cells for meat when it would be likely to 3D-print food in the future? Stem cells are used to quickly specialise to do a certain job, but for food, as it would be a waste when stem cells are used in healthcare. Abortion is fine as long as the parents want to go through with it. Embryos could used as a source of stem cells as long as it is agreed by the embryo's parents. People should be allowed to kill themselves whenever they like but they shouldn't get someone else to assist them with suicide. I don't see why you should use self-defense as an exception for hurting anything when, ideally, nothing hurts humans.
4. Mixed. Some self-discipline is needed; without self-discipline, then nobody would follow any rules, regulations or procedures. There isn't a need to celebrate certain goods unless the good is significant.
5. No. That's like punishing someone for a crime they didn't commit, for example, which is morally wrong.
6. Mixed. Imo, beliefs are irrational, but you should respect peoples' views.
7. Mixed. They're not really necessary, but they should carry on being investigated. In some cases, life extensions, genetic engineering, etc. could be bad as they are likely to contribute to further overpopulation.
8. Mixed. Make alliances etc. with aliens instead. Humans will need to populate another planet in the near future unless people have less children.
9. Yes.
10. No.
11. No.
12. No.
13. No. Why should humans not be allowed to reproduce sexually if they want to?
14. No.
15. No. You haven't proved this to be correct. (Personally I think your a generic autist a bit like how you assume all non-autists are exactly the same as each other.)
16. No. You haven't proved this to be true either.

Yes = 3/16
Mixed = 5/16
No = 8/16
How Tabbish are you?: 7/25/2017 23:05:35

Level 43
1. yes
2. Yes
3. Mixed-Killing cows is ok, killing mature fetuses not so much.
4. Mixed- something can be said for working daily for the things you consume daily. True life fulfillment.
5. Naaaah
6.No, besides, nobodies right about everything.
7. Mixed, next!
8. Yea
9. Yea
10. Only if they are voted into power.
11. How do you say??? reeeee....
12. If a low IQ society can function and prosper I don't care what they do.
13. Your right about the sexbots slowing down reproduction.... Anti-male though? Your definition of a suitable mate is lining up more and more with the times.
14. I'm not for or against peafowlism. It has the ability to showcase ones success.
15. Don't know.
16. According to one autist I know, yes.

Around 6.5 yes
Around 5 No
Around 6 maybe

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How Tabbish are you?: 7/25/2017 23:54:43

Level 53
1. Yes
2. Yes
3. I guess that's fine
4. No. Materialism and consumerism should not be pursued or promoted in any way.
5. Hell no. That's dumb.
6. Meh... Unjustified beliefs are indeed irrational and should be tabboed by society, however we should have freedom of thought.
7. I partially agree. We should pursue genetic engineering and transhumanism to make humanity better. Eugenics is trash and will become obsolete once genetic enginnering becomes advanced enough, IF it is even useful now.
8.Sure... Not sure if the weapons part is worth it though...
9. Yes, kind of. It is reasonable to speak of such groups, but not that crucial.
10. No \
11. No | Creating a class system based on groups people are born in is a terrible idea
12. No /
13. Nope. You pulled this out of your ass
14. Not really. "Peafowlism" is, although a dumb term, describing something (maybe, possibly) not exactly good for humanity. No, it should not be suppressed.
15. Not really sure about this.
16. I'll pass on that. I guess it's 1/2 since you say exceptions exist.

I guess I'm around 5.67/16 Tabbish
How Tabbish are you?: 7/26/2017 00:24:29

ıʇnpp∀ ǝɥʇ ןǝssıℲ
Level 19
1.Knowledge is morally good. We need to understand as much of the universe as possible. Both reason and empirical knowledge are necessary to understand the universe.

This has nothing to do with Tabbism.
How Tabbish are you?: 7/26/2017 00:34:44

∞ Western Imperialist ∞
Level 17
1. knowledge is evil


3.violence is part of life, to remove an aspect of life is evil

4.see above point

5.you've perfectly expressed your hatred for humanity in this point


7.If it were necessary we'd be dead because it doesn't exist


9.yes, but rationalism is a cancer.

10.If it should be it was is or will be. Every act is proper and everything is as it should be.

11.No one is entitled to anything.

12.see above point

13.>doesn't consider the implications of human inability to reproduce.
Honestly you must be shitposting.

14.I'd replace peafowls with autists



How Tabbish are you?: 7/26/2017 00:46:19

ıʇnpp∀ ǝɥʇ ןǝssıℲ
Level 19
Karl is back.
How Tabbish are you?: 7/26/2017 01:15:48

Level 55

12+ = in need of a psychiatrist
8+ = join the WACOS, you are a true wacko !
4+ = don't talk politics, religion, or race issues with this guy...
4- = ok, you're normal

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How Tabbish are you?: 7/26/2017 04:57:32

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 53
16: You are Tabby! Why haven't you been executed by humanity for the crime of Tabbism yet?

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How Tabbish are you?: 7/26/2017 05:11:52

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 57
Becase death penalty is not legal in civilized countries. Oh wait...
How Tabbish are you?: 7/26/2017 06:42:39

Level 56
1: Why?
2: Obviously
3: No
4: What
5: No
6: Yes
7: No
9: Dumb
10: Dumb
11: Dumb
12: Dumb
13: Batshit
14: Batshit
15: What
16: Yes
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