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Looking for a large diplo group.: 7/20/2017 20:40:03

Hi-C Purple
Level 20
I'm looking to start a discord that would make it easier and faster to get on Warlight and instantly get into a diplo game that would normally take hours just to fill. I just need people who are semi-active and can get on the discord whenever, talk to other players and start a diplo without waiting. This would require a small number of high level players with experience in making and hosting diplos, as i am low level. This would also allow alliances within diplos to start a channel to talk freely without being heard in the world chat. I dont have to make the server either I'm just looking for a large group of semi-active diplo players to start a discord.

Edit: This would also allow more diplos to be played real time instead of waiting days to finish a game. Would like at least twenty people to start the discord.

Edited 7/20/2017 20:48:42
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