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Real World Map?: 1/5/2012 03:33:13

Arc Light
Level 53
I am making a map thats the world 1914. Being new to making maps, I read how to make a map. But how do people get started. It seems crazy to just draw a real world map from scratch. I read something about importing an SVG or bitmap and tracing it, but I don't know where to find/ how to convert the maps I found into that.
Real World Map?: 1/5/2012 19:25:11

Matma Rex 
Level 12
Best place to find maps, both already in SVG and for tracing by hand, is Wikipedia - or more precisely, [Wikimedia Commons](http://commons.wikimedia.org/).
Real World Map?: 1/18/2012 15:28:42

Level 3
IM sure with MatmaRex. Wikimedia Commons is this place.
Real World Map?: 1/18/2012 20:24:17

Level 44
Wikipedia is down today, at least to the US, in protest of the new possible law..
Real World Map?: 1/18/2012 20:36:17

Ace Windu 
Level 56
The English language part of Wikipedia, i.e. the largest part, is down all over the world.
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