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My Diplomacy Game Rules: 7/19/2017 03:51:31

General Hippaforalkus
Level 34

Welcome to my DIPLO game
As an diplomacy game, all rules are defalt diplo rules such as wait a turn to attack after declaring war and PE.
-Claims must be respected in the beggining of the game, players will claim and pick one city.
-If two players pick the same Nation or another nation enters in an already picked nation. They must conquer all the rest of the Nation that is in dispute without fighting eachother. The player who got less land in this nation will be a vassal of the other.
-Vassals must deffend his master in case of war if asked to help and must gift when the master ask.
-Vassals are politicaly free, they can join NAPs Alliances and procaim independence, and declare war. But his master can denie the declaration of war of the Vassal.
-When a vassal declares war on his master, the master loose his master powers in the vassal
-Vassals can only procain independence when complete 10 turns after the beggining of being vassal and they need to retake his capital.
-Alliances are allowed to max 3 players to alliance
-The players can only declare war to eachother when they finish conquering one nation.Exeption of Vassals
In this situation Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium and other small nations dont apply in this rule. Exeption of Vassals
-The first claim of the game is the capital of the nation of the player. If the capital is conquered by another player in a war he will became his vassal but the player can choose eliminate the other or make him a vassal.
- The vassal became free if his master is eliminated or get his capital back and proclaim independence and the war bettween then is over.
-Is possible that a vassal can be a vassal of another player. Eg: France is master of Netherlands. Germany conquer paris and make France his vassal. In this example Netherlands is still vassal of France.Germany has power indirectly to Netherlands.but Germany cant declare war to Netherland only if France or Netherlands or both are trying indepence
-Role Play is encouraged
-Any dooubts please ask the Host


This is my rules of my diplo game. What do you guys think?
My Diplomacy Game Rules: 7/19/2017 11:13:36

Emperor Justinian
Level 51
I like it. It could become complicated but I like it.
My Diplomacy Game Rules: 7/19/2017 17:29:45

General Hippaforalkus
Level 34

This is the following game with this rules
If you want join come in
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