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Stop using Hyphenated Identities: 7/13/2017 03:16:45

Level 56
Until the Fourth of July I proudly flaunted my Finnish Heritage whenever it came up. But on July 4th I came across an interesting idea.

People who call themselves Finnish-America (like me) or African-America or Polish-Japanese are just confusing themselves. If your parents did a good job then you should have only grown up in one culture. Teaching a child conflicting cultural values or conflicting identities is borderline child abuse.

By Hyphenating your identity all you are showing is that you are failing to assimilate into the culture in which you reside. And I believe everybody needs to assimilate. Ghettos and sub cultures only contribute to societal confusion and a clash of values.

Ghettos are merely camps where insurgents are trained to fight back against the outside way of life. These insurgents want to change the way of life of their countrymen rather than simply moving to the country that shares their values.

Henceforth, I consider myself 100% American regardless of genetics and science because I was raised in an American culture and I am not prepared to finish learning Finnish and move to Finland.
Stop using Hyphenated Identities: 7/13/2017 03:42:06

Level 56
First of all, I don't think race is malleable. An African cannot simply say they are European and expect everybody, including the census and IQ tests to accommodate them. My point was that from a personal view, it is not healthy for anyone to harbor multiple identities.

On the governmental level, you are right. Blacks should not identify as part of Western Civilization. They didn't build Rome or Constantinople, they didn't discover the world, and they didn't start the enlightenment or the Industrial revolution. African-Americans should identify as Africans for their own sake and they need to be sterilized or removed from Western civilization for our sake.

On secular Arabs in backwards Muslim countries who are unwilling to flee their country for nations like Indonesia, I don't have a solution. I would like them to fight for de-islamification but Islamists in the West will use the same argument to argue for de-secularization. I don't have all the answers.
Stop using Hyphenated Identities: 7/13/2017 04:13:32

∞ Western Imperialist ∞
Level 17
>having anything to do with western civilization

back to plebbit

>being proud of the enlightenment


''American culture''

xD as if such a thing exists

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Stop using Hyphenated Identities: 7/13/2017 10:15:15

Level 50
are you talking about all black people, or just african americans.. what you're saying is flat-out racist there's alot of black people who have high-iq's and etc your making it seem as if they aren't people lol
Stop using Hyphenated Identities: 7/13/2017 18:29:13

Level 58
^ I agree with that.
Stop using Hyphenated Identities: 7/13/2017 21:16:54

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
You didn't try well enough. If you're American, you should speak American

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Stop using Hyphenated Identities: 7/13/2017 21:21:23

Level 58
Finish learning Finnish? Had a good laugh.
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