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Dear High Level Quitters: 7/9/2017 21:38:19

Level 34
I've seen way too many games (usually RoR) where the team that is actually winning surrenders. It's always level 40+ people who whine because they have an opponent next to them and they basically just give up assuming the other team is winning for no reason.

Nothing can really be done about this, other than blacklisting such people, which I do. This is more just a rant and a request that people actually take a few more turns and see how things play out instead of giving up in <10 turns out of ignorance.

Edited 7/9/2017 21:39:26
Dear High Level Quitters: 7/10/2017 14:30:47

Mogagazuboroso kusaremagurobaromi
Level 48
Dear High Level Quitters: 7/10/2017 16:49:37

Level 59
No, you can do something about it. Do not become high level yourself and do not play with high levels. Add prerequisite < level 40 to all of your games and problem solved. That is the exact reason why Development team introduced level gap to games.
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