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My First Map: Connecticut Medium: 1/27/2014 21:22:55

Lugian Warlord
Level 40
Hello. I decided about a month ago to try making a map. I have been working on in on and off since about 1/13. I am happy with it now and would like feedback and maybe some people to test it with. Please send me a message if you want to test with me. The deadline is Thursday the 30th.
Here is the link http://warlight.net/Map?ID=12679

Edited 1/27/2014 21:23:12
My First Map: Connecticut Medium: 1/30/2014 20:36:01

Level 19
You have quite a few connection problems that I found. Just from the quick search I did:

Missing Connections:

    * Windsor - East Granby
    * Glastonbury - East Hampton
    * Newington - Hartford
    * Durham - Killingsworth
    * Plymouth - Watertown
    * Windsor - East Windsor
    * Suffield - East Windsor
    * Vernon - Bolton
    * Vernon - Manchester
    * Bolton - Glastonbury
    * South Windsor - Hartford

Incorrect Connections:

    * Ledyard - New London
    * New Haven - North Branford

There's also a bunch of discrepancy in whether or not you are using diagonal connections. Some are there and some aren't. You need to chose one or the other, and stick with it throughout the map.

Other than this, it's definitely great work so far. Just a few tweaks here and there and it looks good!

[EDIT:] I also noticed a two territory overlap between the Southern and Northern Middlesex County bonuses, and some of the territories in the New Haven County bonus aren't a part of any of the New Haven County sub-bonuses. I don't know if that's intentional.

Edited 1/30/2014 20:45:24
My First Map: Connecticut Medium: 1/31/2014 20:30:09

Lugian Warlord
Level 40
thanks. :)
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